Part of leading a Quality Life after being retrenched is to better understand who you are as a person.  Why are you the person you are? Why have you made certain choices in life? What is it that makes you feel fulfilled? What do you want from your life?

Assessment services


To assist you with understanding who you are as a person, several self-assessment tools and questionnaires are available to help you better understand yourself, your needs and values in life.

The assessments are either questionnaire-based, self-based paper-based, or self-based online. The costs vary depending on what the person requires as a result of this process.

Some of the assessments include, but not limited to:

  • Mental preferences
  • Personality types
  • Happiness levels
  • Life values
  • Intelligence types
  • Conflict management styles
  • Career guides
  • Ability profiles
  • Skills profiles