Everyone travels their own path when it comes to dealing with a retrenchment, but it helps to have someone to guide you through the process and help you to overcome any obstacles in your way. That's why we offer individual coaching sessions.


“Don't stop at the first obstacle; have endurance to keep on going and you will succeed”

 Robert A. Schuller, American televangelist and author

A person is seldom able to push forward though life’s changes on their own without any support. This is where a Coach fits in, as they can help you push through the obstacles and keep your endurance levels going. 

Coaching is a relationship designed to specifically produce actions with positive outcomes – between the person dealing with their retrenchment and the Coach.  A Coach facilitates a process of change after the retrenchment that enhances performance and learning.  A Coach is also a personal navigator for the journey of life, focusing on what the client needs and wants. Coaching is specially used during times of significant change or challenge (such as retrenchment) when a person must acquire new skills or adapt to new environments. The key to coaching is to focus on future possibilities (life after the retrenchment) and not dwell on the past. It is a relationship that helps in unlocking a person’s potential and maximising their personal performance.

How does Coaching work?

Coaching consists of 4 to 8 sessions of one to one-and-a-half hours each, with a Coach (contracted after the first assessment session). It can take place at one or two-week intervals.

The Coach would:

  • Ask questions
  • Listen to the person
  • Set direction and goals
  • Constructively challenge
  • Will hold the person to account for their growth
  • Show a belief in another person’s ability to learn grow and change
  • Encourage and support
  • Give feedback on specific areas
  • Focus on the future more than on the past and set specific action plans
  • Provide a relationship of frankness, empathy and trust

If you would like to receive coaching, please complete our signup form and we will contact you with further details.