Our various training workshops cover different aspects of dealing with the retrenchment process. The workshops blend theory, group discussion and individual reflection and the ultimate aim is to give you a plan of action to move forward after a retrenchment.


Workshops are run at conference centres around Johannesburg and are open to anyone.

If you'd like to attend one of our workshops, please sign up at least two weeks before the workshop date - see the Events page, or the calendar on the right for workshop dates.

If you are interested in a workshop for employees at your company, please get in touch so that we can make arrangements.  


Planning your life after Retrenchment

Workshop summary 

Awareness of our Reality

  • Becoming aware of the realities of our world
  • Learning to appreciate the inevitability of change
  • Realising our resistance to change – and the consequences thereof
  • Understanding the life choices we have made thus far
  • How to change on a personal level
  • How our mindsets, beliefs, attitudes and self-image affect our behaviour and decision-making abilities
  • Understanding my own choices and attitude to life

Awareness of our Potential

  • There is a place for me in this world
  • I can live as a balanced and unique person
  • Understanding the “whole” me
  • The power of my thoughts

Awareness of those Relationships around me

  • I need fulfilling relationships in my life
  • Trust in a relationship
  • Communication in a relationship

To the future

  • My purpose in this world
  • Understanding my personal values and how they drive me
  • Defining my “picture of success”
  • Setting goals to become the person I am meant to be
  • Empowering myself – the “whole of me” 


2-day workshop



How to get that job you've always wanted

Workshop summary

  • Preparing for the world of job-seeking
  • Skills of networking, cover letters and CV’s
  • Using social media to your benefit
  • Suitable recruiters and knowing if it is the “right” job to apply for
  • Preparing for the interview
  • Making a great first impression
  • Learning from the job search


Half day workshop



What does the Law say about Retrenchment? 

Workshop summary

This workshop will help you understand the legislation behind the retrenchment process, and empower you with knowledge of your legal rights and other requirements around the retrenchment process.

  • Understanding the law behind the retrenchment
  • How the retrenchment process works
  • Who do I speak to for legislative support?


Half-day workshop



Retrenchment and financial concerns

Workshop summary

This workshop will help you to understand the alternatives available to you, and to make some immediate to short term solutions as to what to do with your immediate financial concerns.  How to make a retrenchment package last longer, and what to do with the loss of monthly income.

  • What are my financial options?
  • What are my first steps?
  • Who do I speak to for financial support?


Half-day workshop



Coping with the stress of Retrenchment

Workshop summary

  • Understanding what stress is
  • Mental, emotional and physical effects of stress
  • Coping with the causes of stress
  • Managing the effects of stress
  • Curbing “bad” stress and encouraging the “good” stress


One day workshop



Customised courses

Customised in-house courses are also available to meet the specific needs of corporate clients. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs in the field of retrenchment support.